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Legislative Priorities

The Alliance develops legislative priorities and messages that have a likelihood of success.  The steering committee chooses priorities based on input from members and the following criteria:

  • the number of survivors affected
  • significance of impact on survivors
  • cost of legislation (budget hurdles)
  • legislators’ interest and past efforts
  • possibilities for coalition/opposition
  • overall likelihood of success

2013 Alliance Legislative Priorities

1.      Oregon Domestic and Sexual Violence Services (ODSVS) Fund in HB 5018: information sheet
$4 million increase, to move us closer to basic minimum access to safety and prevention services for survivors across the state.

2.      Domestic Violence DHS Co-Located Advocates (SB 5529): information sheet
Increase funding to allow full staff implementation of this model statewide.

3.      Housing Resources (HB 5015): information sheet
Collaborate with the Housing Alliance to increase funding to the Emergency Housing Account, Short-term rental assistance program, and State Homeless Assistance Program so survivors have greater access to the continuum of housing services.

4.      Public Safety Reform (HB 3194): information sheet
Support sentencing reform discussions in support of returning judicial discretion in sentencing of certain crimes, and ensure that funding for victim safety and support services are considered as equally important to other prongs of the public safety system.

5.      Workplace Protections for Survivors (HB 2903): information sheet
Reduce barriers for victims in need of leave from work to address safety needs. Provide that notice of rights to protection must be posted in break rooms, remove 6 month pre-qualifying requirement, and provide a minimum level of paid leave from certain larger employers.

Support for Ally Priorities:

1.      Sexual Assault Protection Order (HB 2779):
Support the Oregon Sexual Assault Task Force in passage of civil protection order for survivors of sexual assault.

2.      Teen Dating Violence Data Collection (HB 2350):
Support the Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence in passage of bill adding question to teen dating violence survey and conducting longitudinal study of teen dating violence in Oregon.

3.      District Attorney Victim Advocate Program and Child Abuse Assessment Center Funding (HB 3194 and HB 5018):
Support increase of funding for district-attorney-based victim assistance programs and child abuse assessment centers.


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