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Postcard Campaign

postcardLet legislators know that every survivor who takes the brave step forward for help deserves access to services that can save her/his life.

We need your help. Legislators will be making important decisions about funding the services that victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking need to find safety and rebuild their  lives. It is important that legislators understand that Oregonians across the state support these lifesaving services. Filling in a postcard—and getting your family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, classmates, and others to fill in postcards—will help legislators make the right decision.


Click here to download the postcard and then follow the instructions below:

1)    Please write a brief message and your name along with the town/city where you live (it’s important to show the message is coming from an Oregonian!) on the bottom or back of the post card.

2)    Personalizing each card significantly strengthens the impact this campaign will have on legislators. Keep your message genuine and true to your experience. Use your own words to express to legislators how important safety services are to you and/or your community. It is most impactful if you feel comfortable using your own words. Here are some examples, to give you some ideas:

  • Domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking services literally save lives and help build safe, healthy communities.
  • Our program is already stretched thin. We need more advocates and shelter beds to help families in need.
  • I was a victim of domestic violence/sexual assault/stalking and have accessed these programs. The services I received helped to improve my life and my children’s lives.
  • Survivor safety services are a vital part of Oregon’s public safety system.
  • Our program is a vital part of our community’s commitment to keeping Oregonians safe, survivors employed, and helping kids thrive in school.
  • Thank you for your hard work and support of safety services for survivors.

3)    Return your postcard to: MVWCS (Attn: Sara Beth), 795 Winter Street NE, Salem, OR 97301.

Thank you for your help!


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