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Every Oregonian Deserves Access to Lifesaving Services

From our friends at Partnership for Safety and Justice:

Oregon’s approach to public safety is out of balance. Our state is spending increasing amounts on prisons, while laying off teachers, cutting funding for seniors’ services, and not even coming close to meeting crime victims’ needs. We need to get our priorities straight and use our tax dollars more effectively by preventing crime and bolstering safety options, not building more prisons.

We need your help. Now.

While appropriate accountability measures are important elements of our state’s response to crime, they are not the only marker of success or the only way to create safe, healthy communities. Domestic and sexual violence services save lives—literally. They provide victims the ability to become survivors—shelter, safety planning, counseling, medical accompaniment, and legal advocacy. Investing in victim services reduces homelessness, saves millions in medical costs, increases the effectiveness of substance abuse programs, and helps children succeed in school and survivors stay in jobs.

But these lifelines are critically underfunded. In 2011, over 20,500 requests for emergency shelter from violence couldn’t be met in Oregon. We can only guess how many of the 20,000+ unmet requests for shelter left victims with no choice but to return to a violent home.

Shelter, safety and support services to prevent crime and to help victims become survivors are a vital element of a successful public safety system. Until Oregon makes these services one of our highest priorities, we will fail to meet victims’ needs.

Click here to sign the petition and tell legislators every Oregonian deserves access to lifesaving services.


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